IOT83 Application - IOT Cloud Data Platform

51,258,321 Devices Connected​

IoT83 Deployment Examples

Accelerated Application Creation​

IoT83’s Platform has been Deployed across a Range of Industrial IoT Applications​

Across multiple industries, customers have leveraged the turn-key security, scalability, and reliability of the platform. We collaborate to apply their industry expertise to our system capabilities and know-how. Our Application Builder tools enable their engineers to create IoT applications and business logic. Our DevOps tools enable at-scale deployment with confidence.

WiFi Optimization At-Scale with North American Service Providers​

IOT83 - IOT Platform Millions of Home Millions of Device
IOT83 Applications - Industrial IOT Platform

Petro-Chemical Mission Critical Plant Optimization - Asset Device Management​

Multiple industrial devices were connected and integrated into a comprehensive IoT solution to provide system-wide dashboards, analyze alarms, predict faults, and optimize work flows.​

IOT83 - Industrial IOT Platform Fault Detection & Prevention
IOT83 Applications - Best Industrial IOT platform Deployment

Smart Building Customer Care and Energy Management Application​

Multiple sensors gather environmental and personnel presence information and integrate with the IoT solution to optimize customer care and operational expense.​

IOT83 - Industrial IOT Platform Customer Care Energy Management
IOT83 - Industrial IOT Platform User Panel

The IoT83 Platform Accelerates Creation and Deployment of Custom Solutions​

No two IoT implementations are alike. This is why we built the IoT83 system with Application Creation and Engineering Enablement tools on top of a turn-key scalable platform.​

IOT83 - About Industrial IOT Platform

IoT83 Custom Application and New Product Creation Methodology​

We leverage our library of working solutions and the deep core team capabilities to quickly build, validate, and deploy secure, scalable, and extensible custom IoT applications.​

IOT83 - Industrial IOT Platform Builder & IOT Applications

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Our history of success in product innovation, and value creation is rooted in aligning customer needs with technology solutions that just work. We are experts in combining IIoT asset and device connectivity, data transport, cloud computing and analytics with existing business systems to deliver on the promise of Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation value creation.