Digital Transformation & Application Cloud Migration Using the Method83 Platform

  • Method83 Accelerates and Optimizes Cloud Migration

  • Client Role-Based Access tied is Seamlessly Tied to Existing Identity Access Management

  • Establish Multi-Tenant, Multi-Application, Multi-Service Access across your Applications

  • Your Always-On Applications Dynamicaly Scale Performance & Availability According to User Demand

  • Normalize Data for Use Between Multiple Applications

  • Integrate with Big Data Repositories and Big Data Analytics

Migration of business software applications, applications and services to the cloud and integration with Big-Data c apabilities is a major component of the Digital Transformation process for many businesses. The advantages that businesses will realize in this transition include the ability to provide always up-to-date software services (SaaS) to customers, software hosting cost optimization, the ability to integrate with Big-Data analytics and service creation engines, the ability to compound the value of service through integration with other applications, and more.

In making this Digital Transformation, many businesses’ first Digital Transformation efforts use home-grown application hosting infrastructure. However, the complexity and cost of deploying secure, scalable and “always-on” Big-Data services can be easily under-estimated, and the downside of poor implementations is often underestimated as well.

Essential elements in a secure, scalable, “always-on” application hosting platform include:

  • Web-access management, end-user access authorization and security management.

  • Role-based access control for all types of access to the application and application data.

  • Multi-Tenant, Multi-Customer, and Multi-Application hosting and access control capabilities.

  • Dynamic application monitoring and scaling, and application availability load balancing.

  • Non-blocking messaging interfaces between all applications in Digital Transformation solutions.

  • To gain the advantages of Big-Data analytics as a part of the overall solution, Big-Data storage, application data normalization, and inter-application data-sharing and control capabilities are needed.

Rather than attempting to curate, learn, assemble, validate and support all of the software and technologies needed to build such capabilities, Digital Transformation and Cloud-Migration projects are almost always better served leveraging a proven, scalable, secure platform designed for this purpose.

IoT83’s flagship platform supports all of these capabilities – as well as multiple tools and utilities that greatly accelerate new Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration Applications. And, even though the Method83 platform has been designed to this work easy – because no two implementations are exactly the same – the IoT83 Software Service experts are available to enable an efficient path to results. A high-level view of the Method83 solution, and how the platform supports access control, scalability, application interworking, and multi-tenancy is illustrated below:

A High-Level Diagram of how Method83 Accelerates Digital Transformations is Shown Below:

The Method83 Platform is a highly secure and highly reliable platform that greatly accelerates Digital Transformation programs and Cloud Migration of legacy applications. Using Method83, business operators can focus on enhancing the core value proposition and applications that lead to the Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration in the first place – instead of building all of the infrastructure required to support the application. This path will accelerate time to value, lower operational costs, and result in a better end-user experience. Further, all of the Application Creation Studios available in the platform, the Dashboard Studio, the Analytics Studio, and the Logic Studio, can be used to further complement existing applications and to build new applications based on the new Big-Data capabilities of the solution.

Between the Method83 platform as the foundation, your team's knowledge of your applications and planned services, our understanding of best practices and agile execution methods, your Digital Transformation or Cloud Migration programs will be quickly and efficiently implemented, validated and deployed

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