Method83 Device Agent - Lightweight & Effective Cloud Connections

  • Simplify Device and Asset Connectivity to the Cloud

  • The Method83 Agent - Small & Efficient Footprint

  • Easy to Implement with Direct & Secure IoT83 Access

  • Supports Single or Aggregated Device Device Flows

  • Integrated MQTT Broker for Support of Multiple IoT Topics

  • Two-Way Device Communications for Telemetry, Logs, Configuration, and Smart-Product Interaction

Some devices are more or less ready to connect to IoT Analytics Platforms out of the box, with integrated communications and established formats to exchange configuration, telemetry, logs and other data streams. But it turns out that this is the exception and not the rule. As a result, connectivity of many data rich assets is delayed or indefinitely put on-hold. To help address this problem IoT83 has developed a highly configurable and light-weight Device Agent that greatly simplifies connection of many types of devices to the Big-Data storage, analytics, and custom business logic realm of Industrial IoT.

Once the Device Agent is installed and configured in industrial edge assets, gateways, or even consumer devices, that element becomes a fully integrated piece of the Method83 platform. Secure connectivity, device monitoring and management, data stream ingestion, analytics, and the creation of new business logic based on this new data is now all part of the Method83 design flow. The established data-flows are automatically detected by the system, ingested into Big-Data storage, and available to the Method83 Studios for visualization, analytics, and the creation of custom business logic. The following diagram provides an overview of the Device Agent capabilities and how this module integrates into target systems.

A model of how this all comes together is illustrated in the following diagram:

Configuration of the Device Agent involves first choosing an upstream protocol for connectivity to the IIoT Platform (MQTT and/or HTTP), configuring account tokens, TLS 1.2 certificates and validation codes. Next, set up the downstream device or embedded system communications APIs (Push or Pull, or MQTT for collection of multiple downstream device telemetry data). And finally, establish the different data streams being collected, and the update frequency for each data type.

By using the Iot83 Device Agent, connecting diverse types of industrial assets, gateways, and consumer devices is greatly simplified. Automated collection and uploading of telemetry data, log information, configuration data, and two-way device communicaitions for remote procedure calls and device optimization are all in scope. For larger devices, the Device Agent can be configured to consume more system resources for greater data collection and normalization capacity, but for small resource-limited devices, the Device Agent can be configured to use minimal resources. The frequency of data collections can be set as needed to optimize the overall system performance for specific applications.

The IoT83 Device Agent is a secure, lightweight and flexible solution to connect devices to IIoT solutions quickly and has been a great option for many IoT83 customers. Let us help accelerate your IIoT implementation with the Device Agent and the Method83 platform solutions.

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