Asset Optimization & Fault Avoidance - IoT83 Digital Doubles

  • Transform your Ability to Manage Faults

  • Understand Key Factors Impacting Assets

  • Build & Implement Ideal / Expected Asset Models

  • Incorporate System-Wide Asset Influences

  • Compare Ideal / Expected with Device Telemetry

  • Use M83 Digital Doubles Asset Optimization

Digital Doubles can serve many purposes in Industrial IoT Asset Management. One key use is to establish a digital model of each key asset in the cloud that maintains local state of the device in case of any lost connection to the device. In this use-case, state is refreshed on re-connection, and pending downstream commands are managed and validated.

But, using the Method83 Platform, it is possible to take this an important step further. By using the Application Creation Studios, Digital Double models can be created to establish the Ideal, or Expected performance of an asset under different system-level conditions, loads, or adverse situations. The flexibility and ease of use provided by the Application Creation Studios greatly simplifies the prototyping, validation and maintenance of such models. The platform also makes it easy to build simulations of assets to run against these models for extended use-case evaluation, validation and model enhancements.

Inputs to Ideal / Expected performance models can be extended beyond set operating parameters and tracked telemetry data of the device itself to include environmental factors and system-wide information that can influence the performance and behavior of the asset. For example, ambient temperature, humidity or pressure can be added to models for industrial processes. For networking, communications, or other digital assets, time-of-day, traffic type variations, or current user load can be added. Such multi-factor Digital Double models, once tuned and validated, can then establish high confidence operational baselines for the assets being modeled.

With this kind of Ideal / Expected behavior modeling in-hand, real-time (or near real-time) telemetry data coming in from the assets can be compared with the Digital Double Expected performance data. With this, extensive anomaly detection, trends towards failures, fault rediction and avoidance, and Smart Product optimization can be achieved. The Method83 Asset Creation tools provide everything that is needed for operators to create this new level of Asset Performance Management, and the IoT83 team can help your team put these models together by combining our IIoT and Digital Double Modeling expertise with your team's industry know-how.

A model of how this all comes together is illustrated in the following diagram:

Once your assets are connected to the Method83 platform, the creation of Digital Double Ideal / Expected asset performance modeling, and the implementation of Asset Optimization through Anomaly Detection and Fault Avoidance is the logical - and very powerful - next step. And, once implemented, the Anomaly Detection and Fault Avoidance logic can readily be integrated into your business operations - such as ticketing systems, operator dashboards, etc. - for work prioritization, efficiency, and automation.

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