The Connected Business Model - The Next Gen NOC

Digital Transformation technologies and tools, combined with Industrial IoT, smart devices, and multiple sources of data, have created an valuable new opportunity for business operators. In the past, business operators have been forced to settle for operational software solutions that operated more or less in silos. Field operations used one set of tools, manufacturing used another, service agents used yet another, making it very difficult to coordinate strategy and execution across all parts of the business, and importantly, leaving valuable cross-silo-data out of informed decision making.

But today it has become much easier - using the right platforms, tools and expertise - to integrate the data from multiple sources, normalize the data so that it can be used in multiple applications, analyze the data to assess what it really means to business operations, and then use that data - now information - across multiple applications. Data from field assets, servers, legacy software, ERP systems, CRM systems, and legacy software applications, regardless of the incoming protocol or data format can be ingested, indexed for different uses, and all be used to optimize operations. For example, real-world telemetry on how customers use your products can feed into sales, marketing, service and even into the design and engineering your next generation solutions. This is powerful.

IoT83's flagship product, Method83, simplifies the process of implementing this high-value Digital Transformation. The following diagram provides an overview of how this all comes together:

The Method83 platform provides the tools to ingest diverse data streams, connect to 3rd party and legacy software systems and data sources, normalize the data collected, organize it, and then store it in Big-Data / High Availability clusters. Our analytics tools help you understand the value of the diverse data and assist in building derived / higher-value data from multiple sources. And then the Method83 Application Creation Studios simplify the job of turning new insights into new business value creation logic and applications. The IoT83 team can catalyze your Digital Transformation by combining our Method83 platform, and our Digital Transformation and IoT expertise with your team's industry know-how.

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Our history of success in product innovation, and value creation is rooted in aligning customer needs with technology solutions that just work. We are experts in combining IIoT asset and device connectivity, data transport, cloud computing and analytics with existing business systems to deliver on the promise of Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation value creation.