The Disruptive Method83 Platform - Affordable, Fast, Secure, Scalable IIoT Solutions

  • One-Click Method83 Cloud Formation

  • Secure and Connect your Incoming Data

  • Create Data Groups and Aggregations

  • Build Per-User / Per-Application Dashboards

  • Build Custom Logic in Application Studios

  • Deploy Business Specific IoT Applications

  • Fast ROI / Iterate to Expand & Enhance

The Method83 platform accelerates and simplifies at-scale IoT deployment, new application creation, and on-going IoT and digital transformation solution development and enhancements. Method83 is built to provide a very agile process for IoT application creation. Our "single-click" deployment launches new customer cloud instances. Then, device connectivity, security management, IIoT monitoring, management, and optimization application creation tools follow an intuitive process.

By greatly simplifying the Big-Data and IoT infrastructure - "the plumbing" - business operators are free to focus on valuable applications and customer solutions. By providing the tools to quickly and securely connect to devices and IoT assets, and the tools to organize IoT data, the system is up and running quickly.

With the platform up and running, secure device connections, and data intelligently organized, Method83's Application Creation tools accelerate the IIoT value creation stages to first Connect & Monitor, then Manage & Optimize, and finally in building Smart Products & Systems.

IOT83 - Method 83 Industrial IOT Platform Application Builder

A Brief Summary - Method83 Deployment and Application Creation Steps

  • Method83 One-Click Deployment

    Customer instances of Method83 are created automatically with one click. All Method83 services and Application Creation Tools are built, database instances are created, and application monitoring is created. the Method83 is secure and scalable "out of the box" with one click.
  • Connect to the Data

    The Method83 data-stream connection tools walk you through setting up IIoT data sources, client and server-side security certificates, and user roles & access privileges. When completed, the system begins ingesting IoT data streams into the big-data file systems and learns the format of the incoming data. The next step is to organize the data.
  • Organize the Data

    The Method83 Data Management tools make it easy define and set up multiple data aggregations, data transformations, and to establish system-wide access APIs to data variables. Incoming data-stream hierarchies are interpreted to simplify scoping specific device streams. Data-streams can be assigned to isolated groups for multi-tenancy.
  • Visualize the Data

    The Method83 Dashboard Studio speeds the creation of user dashboards, data visualization, and device management. With multiple tiles, gauges, time-series graphs and alarm tools that can be linked to ingested IoT data, multiple dashboards can be created to fit many different user needs and applications.
  • Analyze the Data

    Method83's Analytics Studio provides users with the tools to access, explore, visualize and analyze any created IoT data aggregation or the full IIoT "data lake". The system also provides rules-based, assisted-learning, and machine learning tools to discover hidden data correlations and insights.
  • Build Business Logic

    Build Business Logic The Logic Studio includes the Policy Manager - or "Watcher" - to set simple or complex conditional triggers on incoming at-scale IoT data, and launch custom software. The Logic Studio also provides Node Red and JavaScript PaaS tools to build, version-control, and launch this custom code.
  • Extend IoT Automation

    Method83's Digital Double tools help create "ideal" devices that can be compared to physical devices for anomaly detection. By combining the Dashboard, Analytics and Logic Studios workforce and service automation, fault detection and avoidance, device control system and many more applications can be created.
  • Iterate and Expand the Solution

    Iterate and Expand the Solution The Method83 platform accelerates the IoT platform launch, configuration, and device connection for a fast path to IoT ROI. But, the Application Creation Studios enable iterative value creation and help operators move up the curve to Device Optimization and Smart Products.

Application Development Studios - The Right Tools for the Job, at the Right Time

IOT83 - Industrial IOT Data Platform View

Setup with Connection, Security, and Data Managers

  • Connection Manager -Specify and connect multiple incoming streams of IIoT data and classify the streams for multi-tenancy, customer, or other hierarchical organization.

  • Security Manager -Specify client side and server-side authentication and authorization for each incoming data-stream or device. Use TLS as well as individual username / passwords, whitelisting or blacklisting for complete end-to-end security.

  • Data Manager -Establish the data processing to be performed on incoming data-streams. Create multiple Big-Data aggregations, perform data transformations, and create rules to translate incoming data into hierarchical asset and device data structures.

IOT83 - Industrial IOT Data Platform User View

The Dashboard Studio

  • Dynamic Dashboard Creation -Create user interfaces and dashboards for different roles using Method83 templates, libraries of graphs and gauges with a drag and drop interface.

  • Monitor any System Data - Incoming data-streams, historical time-series data, or derived data created by custom business logic can be connected to graphs, gauges, alarm icons, and more. Simply identify the user interface element and connect the data.

  • Build Applications - Collect sets of user dashboards into structures to create role-based applications. Assign applications to defined user-role types and user with that role sees the dashboard and available applications according to that role and set privileges.

IOT83 - Industrial IOT Data Platform Detailed User View

The Analytics Studio

  • Easy Access to Big Data Insight -Engineers, Data Scientists and Operators needs easy access to system wide data to establish IIoT insights. Simple or complex Big-Data queries can be easily performed with the results presented immediately for analysis and discovery.

  • Rule Based Analytics - Method83 includes the tools to build rule-based analytics that run continuously or in batch-jobs to analyze asset or device performance against established rules to enable Anomaly detection, fault-prevention, and system optimization.

  • Machine Learning -Assisted learning, rule-based learning, and machine learning tools are also available from the Analytics Studio. AWS SageMaker and other machine learning tool integration allows discovery of hidden means to enhance operations.

IOT83 - Industrial IOT Data Platform Admin Panel

The Logic Studio

  • Logic Studio Overview - No two IIoT system requirements are alike and operators need tools that make it easy to watch for certain events and then take a specific set of actions when those events occur. The Logic Studio makes this easy.

  • Policy Manager - the Watcher & Trigger -With the Method83 Policy Manager operators can establish simple or complex data threshold conditions - on any system state or data - and trigger on events. When triggered, Logic Studio custom business logic is invoked.

  • Custom Business Logic - Custom logic can be built using Node Red, an intuitive logic building toolset with a library of existing functions, as well as with JavaScript and Java programs for more complex implementations. Method83 makes it easy to prototype, validate and deploy IIoT custom business logic.

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