Instrument Industrial Assets Using the Method83 Sensor Reference Designs

  • The IoT83 Sensor Fusion Platform Provides Equipment OEMs with a Fast Path to Connectivity

  • WiFi, LoRa, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Thread Radio Options are Supported in the Reference Design

  • Multiple Sensor Options: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Motion, Accelerometer, CO2, Microphone and more ...

  • The IoT83 Sensor Fusion Software Serves as the Foundation for OEM new Device Creation

  • Low-Power / Long Battery Life Modes are Also Supported

In our work with OEM equipment providers we frequently see Industrial IoT asset and device connectivity projects stalled as teams that are expert in their vertical markets now have to invest in learning new technologies to provide scalable, reliable IoT connectivity to their devices. The technologies needed span first, a solid security layer, and then local processing, sensor integration, and finally wired or (most frequently) wireless connectivity to the device.

The IoT83 team has years of experience in building embedded devices that contain all of these capabilities. The IoT83 OEM Device Connectivity Platform was initially developed for IoT83 use. But upon recognizing the value that these reference designs provide to our customers, we are now offering them to provide a catalyst to OEM device connectivity. This reference design includes the core CPU, multiple wireless connectivity options, including WiFi, BLE, LoRa, Zigbee, and the increasingly popular Thread protocol (another 802.15.4G deep penetration protocol backed by Google and others). The reference design also provides a broad set of sensor integrations, including ... Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Humidity, Volatile Gas, CO2, Proximity Detection, Proximity Density, Vibration (Accelerometer), Magnetic Flux (Magnetometer), and a Microphone for ambient noise analysis. Together, this reference design provides a fast-start basis for OEM equipment providers to not only connect their "things" to and Industrial IoT solution, but also provides valuable sensors that help manage asset performance Barometric for those "things".

Leveraging this reference design, OEM equipment providers can not only connect their assets and equip them with the sensors and processing needed to make the assets smart, but the software included also makes it easy to securely and reliably connect to upstream Industrial IoT solutions, particularly, the Method83 Industrial IoT platform.

A High-Level Diagram of the Method83 Device Connect Reference Design is Shown Below:

The software provided along with the IoT83 OEM Connectivity reference design includes the open-source operating system and necessary configuration applications, API examples of how to connect different types of sensors (as well as the complete designs for the particular sensors implemented), and complete connectivity drivers for the WiFi, BLE, LoRa, Zigbee, and Thread wireless connectivity modules supported. In short, this IoT83 OEM Connectivity reference design is a fast path to connecting you Industrial Assets - you "things" - reliably and securely to the Industrial Internet of Things.

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