Value Layers of Asset Performance Management

The Stages of IoT Value Creation - From Connectivity & Monitoring to Smart Products

Value creation in Industrial IoT is additive, with each level of value building iteratively on the foundation. Moving from the first stage of "Connect and Monitor", through "Manage and Optimize", and on to "Smart Products" creation, operators can establish immediate value out of the gate, and iteratively layer new applications, solutions and value from there.

  • The First Layer - Connect and Monitor

    This is the foundational layer for everything, requiring a running platform, IIoT security, connectivity to devices, and construction of the dashboards or user interfaces to visualize the status of the assets, devices, or systems being connected. Method83 accelerates reaching this first level of asset visibility, providing immediate value to industrial operators.

  • The Second Layer - Manage and Optimize

    Analysis of your asset and device data, along with two-way communications to assets opens the door new value creation. Trends, operational anomalies, and correlations, invisible before, are not only now visible, but also are actionable. Using Method83 tools, operators can deploy and launch custom logic on data-triggered events. Workflow automation, fault prediction and avoidance, and dynamic asset optimization will preserve capital, reduce downtime, and drive service efficiencies.

  • The Third Layer - Smart Products / Smart Systems

    By taking a Control Systems view of not only assets and connected devices, but also to environmental conditions, operating environments, legacy or third party software systems, or other data sources availble allow reaching this value layer. System-wide data insight makes "Smart" products and systems that dynamically respond to changing conditions possible. Method83's tools to connect to multiple systems, existing machines and software, and 3rd party data, speeds operators to achieve new levels of IIoT asset performance management, system automation, service efficiency and fault avoidance.

Bringing it all Together - From Connectivity to Smart Products

IOT83 - Industrial IOT Data Platform Solutions

Using the right tools industrial operators can establish a quick payback and lasting value with only the first phase of value creation. With Method83, this is a very streamlined process. But by using an iterative approach to value creation, operators can incrementally deploy analytics, smart "data watchers" and triggers, and added layers of custom business logic to deploy rich Asset Performance Management applications. Continuing with this iterative model, and adding rules-based and machine learning analytics and using the Method83 Application Creation Studios, operators can deploy Smart Products. The Application Performance Management journey starts with Monitoring and Management, extends to Automation and Optimization, and goes on to Smart Products and Systems. The Method83 Application Creation Studios provide operators with the tools to apply their industry know-how to complete this journey and deploy great solutions.

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