IoT83 Model for Success - Giving Customers What they Need

Many Industrial IoT solution providers offer strong technology solutions, but really don’t provide their customers with everything they need to succeed. What business leaders really want and need are complete solutions that minimize IIoT deployment risks and provide clear a path to a strong IIoT ROI. Industrial operators are expert in their fields – but often need significant help navigating how IIoT best benefits their businesses and the best path to realizing these benefits. For most customers, simply providing IIoT technology, is just not enough – most industrial customers want – and need – much more.

From experience, almost no IIoT solutions are the same. Every customer needs to address unique business needs and processes, differences in installed equipment, diverse device connectivity, custom analytics needs, and various other special requirements. IIoT solution providers need to help operators effectively bridge the gap between vertical industry knowledge (which the operator has) and how to build and deploy an effective and powerful IIoT solution that is tailored to the unique needs of the customer.

The table below illustrates what customers will often have, against what they will actually need for success:

An operator’s in-house skills and expertise will widely vary, but they will rarely have all of the in-house expertise needed for a successful IIoT deployment. And, wherever the needed expertise comes from, all of these capabilities are needed to effectively build a streamlined path to IIoT benefits and the ROI customers are looking for. Recent surveys on “Why IIoT Projects Fail” highlight this further. From multiple sources, the main reasons that IIoT projects stall, fail, or have lower than expected success are:

  • Inadequate In-House Skills to Implement the Program

  • Insufficient IIoT Project Scoping to Deliver a Complete Solution

  • Lack of Experience in IIoT and Big-Data Technologies

  • Trying to “Go it Alone” or Build from Scratch

  • Trying to Boil the Ocean with a "Monolithic" Project

  • Underestimating the Scope of IIoT Infrastructure Complexity

But at the same time, without deep involvement from an operator’s key personnel, IIoT programs accomplish little. An operator’s process managers, engineers, product managers and other key staff have the industry know-how and expertise that are essential to transforming IIoT technology into IIoT solutions. Solution providers need to help bring this all together for success.

IoT83’s approach is to provide a more complete solution that combines 1) IIoT consulting - to build a fast ROI plan for success; 2) The scalable, reliable, and secure IIoT platform itself - as the IIoT solution foundation; and 3) A full suite of application creation tools (the Application Creation Studios) - to speed development of custom connectivity and applications:

  • First, we engage with key stake-holders to understand the most pressing issues and where IIoT can have a powerful impact on these key areas. Based on experience with “what works” and successful IIoT use-cases, our team is able to establish low-risk, resource-contained, and short-time-horizon plans that operators can trust and believe in. We purposefully avoid “boil the ocean” approaches and focus on planning out high-impact, fast iterations to see real results quickly.

  • Next, using our flexible, reliable, secure, scalable and open-standards IIoT platform, we are able to quickly deploy a complete and independent IIoT infrastructure for the operator. With this proven / turn-key IIoT infrastructure time to market, program risks, and cost are all significantly reduced.

  • Then, using the platform Application Creation Studios – including Device Connection, Dashboard, Analytics and Application Builder Studios – we iteratively execute the high impact plans established. Working with key stake-holders, with every turn of the crank, we validate implementation and tune the solutions, so that the we quickly deliver the planned results.

The IoT83 "Tool Kit" helps define, streamline, accelerate and execute customer-unique IIoT solutions:

Successful IIoT deployments involve a great deal of complexity, but customers need not “re-invent the wheel” and shoulder this alone. IoT83’s platform, application-creation tools, and IIoT services are all designed to support customers throughout the process - from understanding the impact IIoT implementation can mean to their business, to building MVPs and proof of concepts, to implementing iterative sprints for new applications, to scaled deployment. The “total package” is designed to roll out new competitive advantage quickly and efficiently.

The bottom line is this: Business operators know their industry very well, but many do not have the expertise in the “ins and outs” of IIoT, from device connectivity, to data management, to analytics, to business logic automation, to user dashboards, to big-data scale and reliability. IoT83’s approach is to deliver a total IIoT solution to accelerated Industrial Iot success, with:

  • Engagement with stake-holders to identify key needs and identify fast-paths to IIoT results.

  • Fast deployment of working and proven IIoT infrastructure to minimize time, risks, and cost.

  • Efficient and iterative implementation of IIoT solutions and applications for a fast ROI.

In the end, operators need IIoT solutions, not infrastructure, databases, analytics or tools. The IoT83 approach is to provide all of the infrastructure and tools needed to reduce time to market, risks, and cost, but to also deeply engage with customers to build winning solutions for their unique business needs and requirements. Using this approach, industrial operators can quickly build differentiated and unique competitive advantage with IIoT solutions.

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