IoT83's Disruptive Industrial Strength Digital Transformation

Connect Your Assets

Quickly and securely connect devices and assets with our Connection Manager tools.

Collect New Data

Aggregate incoming data and build new data collections for all your IIoT device and assets.

Analyze and Learn

The Dashboard and Analytics Studios speed visualization, insight, and IIoT value creation.

Smart IoT Solutions

The Logic Studio and Policy Manager help you build smart trigger based automation logic.

Industrial IoT Value Creation - Is All About Asset Performance Management

The Stages of IoT Value Creation - From Connectivity & Monitoring to Smart Products

Value creation in Industrial IoT is additive, with each level of value building iteratively on the foundation. Moving from the first stage of "Connect and Monitor", through "Manage and Optimize", and on to "Smart Products" creation, operators can establish immediate value out of the gate, and iteratively layer new applications, solutions and value from there.

  • The First Layer - Connect and Monitor

    This is the foundational layer for everything, requiring a running platform, IIoT security, connectivity to devices, and construction of the dashboards or user interfaces to visualize the status of the assets, devices, or systems being connected. Method83 accelerates reaching this first level of asset visibility, providing immediate value to industrial operators.

  • The Second Layer - Manage and Optimize

    Analysis of your asset and device data, along with two-way communications to assets opens the door new value creation. Trends, operational anomalies, and correlations, invisible before, are not only now visible, but also are actionable. Using Method83 tools, operators can deploy and launch custom logic on data-triggered events. Workflow automation, fault prediction and avoidance, and dynamic asset optimization will preserve capital, reduce downtime, and drive service efficiencies

  • The Third Layer - Smart Products / Smart Systems

    By taking a Control Systems view of not only assets and connected devices, but also to environmental conditions, operating environments, legacy or third party software systems, or other data sources available allow reaching this value layer. System-wide data insight makes "Smart" products and systems that dynamically respond to changing conditions possible. Method83's tools to connect to multiple systems, existing machines and software, and 3rd party data, speeds operators to achieve new levels of IIoT asset performance management, system automation, service efficiency and fault avoidance.

The Power of Method83 - Secure, Scalable, and Flexible - From the First Click

Choosing a Home-grown, IoTaaS, or Turn-Key IIoT Solution? - Method83 Accelerates IIoT Results

A hard choice launching new IIoT solutions is where to start, and what is the best long-term and sustainable plan. Many turn-key solutions - once scaled - can be extremely expensive and are often "closed systems". IIoT "as a Service" product offerings are tempting alternative, but these still require massive development, the right skills, and a great deal of time - to build full solutions that meet industrial scale, quality, and flexibility requirements. The Method83 platform was built as a turn-key - scalable, secure and flexible - system to help make this choice easier. IoT83's solutions provide a cost-effective but uncompromising solution that lets operators avoid the "Three Hills to Climb" that add so much expense, delay, and complexity to Home-Grown IIoT deployments:

  • The First Hill - Understand the "the Possible"

    The first challenge is learning which software tools, platforms and technologies to use, and then to invest in the expertise to learn how to use, support and maintain them.

  • The Second Hill - Build an "Always-On" Platform

    Forging IoT tools and infrastructure into a layered platform that is reliable, scalable, and secure, but also extensible and flexible to adapt to emerging business and technology needs

  • The Third Hill - Creation your Application

    Building YOUR unique IoT application! Connecting assets, managing data, building IoT analytics, logic and automation. Then extend this capability into asset management, automation, new services and smart products.

  • Life Cycle Management - Operational Simplicity

    Once deployed, the IIoT solution must run with the reliability of a utility - always available and responsive for users. Operational ease is critical to avoid long-term operational costs in managing uptime and reliability.

Avoid the Delay, Cost, and Time of the Three Hills - Spend your Energy on your Application

Method83 Platform's One-Click-Deploy launches and builds new IIoT instances fast. The platform's Connection & Security Manager quickly connects your asset, device, and system data streams. The Dashboard Manager simplifies dashboards creation to visualize this data. The Data Manager helps you organize and build Big-Data libraries and fast-path data access. And, the platform's Analytics and Logic Studios provide you with the tools to gain insights into your data, build custom logic for automation, and manage your assets. From launch, to Connect & Monitor, to Manage & Optimize, to Smart Products & Systems, Method83 bypasses the "Three Hills".

Application Development Studios - The Right Tools for the Job, at the Right Time

The Dashboard Studio

Method83's integrated Dashboard Studio tools help you quickly create dashboards and user interfaces. Different views can be created, saved, and re-used as needed, and different dashboards can be created according to the needs of your users.

The Analytics Studio

The Analytics Studio provides an easy way to explore your data, allowing authorized users to query your Big-Data repositories and perform rapid visualization for discovery, analysis, decision making, and new application creation.

The Logic Studio

The Method83 Logic Studio includes a Policy Manager - to watch and trigger on simple or complex events - and Logic Creation tools and code management - Node Red as well as JavaScript and Java - to simplify creation of custom logic.

Method83 Continuous Deployment - Always Learn, Always Validate, Always Operate.

The Method83 Platform, using the Connection & Security Manager, User & Access Manager, Dashboard Studio, Analytics Studio, and Logic Studio provides you with the tools to perform the kind of iterative value creation needed in IIoT deployments. Getting to a fast ROI means that you need to create a set of priority use cases quickly, validate them - and then deploy. You can then regularly enhance your solution with incremental capabilities as new value creation opportunities are discovered using the platform capabilities. Method83 helps you manage this by running multiple solution versions on different clusters. For example, Discovery & Prototyping can be run on an engineering cluster, Customer Validation can be run on a staging cluster, and deployed IIoT solutions and operations can be run on a high-availability, at-scale cluster.

With the right tools, your team can discover new solutions and develop them, validate the last set of discoveries with customers, all while you run at-scale with existing customers. Method83 provides the right tools, processes and templates for each phase of your IIoT lifecycle.

Method83 Solution Flexibility - Mobility, On-Premise, and 3rd Party Integrations

Method83 Mobile APPs

IoT83 has developed both Android and iOS Mobile Application Frameworks that tie seamlessly to the Method83 framework for the creation of Service, Technician, or Customer Applications. The IoT83 Mobile toolset also connects to 3rd party RESTful APIs to further complement the application.

On-Premise IoT83 Platforms

Method83 is also available as a Stand-Alone / On-Premise IoT Application server. This is a powerful solution for operators that cannot connect to public or external private cloud installations. Scalability depends on the installed servers, but all other Method83 capabilities are included.

Method83 IIoT as Middleware

Some businesses have already invested significantly in important back-end software essential to operations, but they are still missing key IIoT functionality. Method83 is also designed to be run as "Middle-Ware" to complement and fill-in the key missing pieces of the solution.

IoT83 Brings it all Together - From Connectivity, to Optimization, to Smart Products

Using the right tools, industrial operators can establish a quick payback and lasting value with only the first phase of value creation. With Method83, this is a very streamlined process. But by using an iterative approach to value creation, operators can incrementally deploy analytics, smart "data watchers" and triggers, and added layers of custom business logic to deploy rich Asset Performance Management applications. Continuing with this iterative model, and adding rules-based and machine learning analytics and using the Method83 Application Creation Studios, operators can deploy Smart Products. The Application Performance Management journey starts with Monitoring and Management, extends to Automation and Optimization, and goes on to Smart Products and Systems. The Method83 Application Creation Studios provide operators with the tools to apply their industry know-how to complete this journey and deploy great solutions.

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Our history of success in product innovation, and value creation is rooted in aligning customer needs with technology solutions that just work. We are experts in combining IIoT asset and device connectivity, data transport, cloud computing and analytics with existing business systems to deliver on the promise of Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation value creation.