About IoT83 - Our Disruptive Approach to Industrial IoT Solutions

IoT83 developed the Method83 platform and rapid deployment services to create a disruptive force in Industrial IoT solution creation. For reasons of cost, complexity, time constraints, or team experience, too many Industrial IoT projects are unnecessarily delayed or don't even start. IoT83's platform and services were designed to solve these problems. From Method83's one-click deployment - taking literally 15 minutes to launch a new high-availability instance - to our Connection, Security and Data Managers, to our Application Creation Studios, IoT83 provides business operators with a breakthrough in IIoT deployment cost and complexity.

About IOT83 - Industrial IOT Platform Solutions

Fast System Setup

About IOT83 - Industrial IOT Cloud Platform Solutions

The Dashboard Studio

About IOT83 - Industrial IOT Cloud Platform

The Analytics Studio

About IOT83 - Industrial IOT Data Platform

The Logic Studio

IoT83's platform accelerates asset and device connectivity, Big-Data configuration, Analytics, and the creation of Custom Business Logic for a fast IIoT ROI. Our platform provides the tools to deliver multiple high-value Asset Performance Management solutions, with templates to first "Connect & Monitor", then "Manage & Optimize" and then create "Smart Products & Systems". Our work-flows help operators see dramatic optimization in Workflow Automation, Fault Prediction and Avoidance, and Asset & System-level Optimization.

About IOT83 - IOT Data Platform

IoT83's Vision & Focus - Our Approach and the Genesis of IoT83

The IoT83 team always takes the approach of business operators and application developers - where goal is to deliver working systems that deliver real customer value. Our Method83 Platform was developed to make fast Industrial IoT Value Creation possible.

The IoT83 Leadership team comes from a background of delivering highly available, highly scalable solutions. With experience in Big-Data / Cloud, Security, Telecommunication, Industrial Applications, Wireless, and Embedded Systems, our team has deep - business application and technology - knowledge of each essential element of an Industrial IoT solution. Our experience in Industrial IoT ranges from Utilities, to Oil & Gas, to Wireless self-organizing-networks, to Industrial Process Management, and more.

It is from this collective experience, that IoT83 recognized that the disruptive Method83 platform was possible. IoT83 was formed to bring to market a more cost-effective, yet compromise-free, highly flexible, scalable, and secure platform that provides the tools, workflows, templates and Application Creation Studios that the industry needs.

IoT83's Leadership Team - Collaboration, Innovation, and Execution is our Focus

IOT83  - Lee House Founder/CEO

Lee House

Founder / CEO

Lee has a history of recognizing technology and market trends, and using this vision to define and deliver disruptive and game-changing products that show fast returns for customers. Lee also brings deep operational pragmatism and business growth experience to IoT83 from GM and VP positions at GE, IBM, 3Com, and multiple Silicon Valley companies. Lee has MSEE and MBA degrees from Duke University.

IOT83  - Deep Nayar Founder/CTO & EVP Sales

Deep Nayar

Founder / CTO & EVP Sales

A long-term startup player and serial entrepreneur, Deep is the Founder of 83incs, the incubator that launched IoT83. His in-depth understanding of technology and two decades of engineering experience in delivering tier one quality solutions laid the foundation for Method83, IoT83’s flagship platform. Deep’s ability to quickly create unique value and fast results for each client has fueled IoT83 Sales since its inception.

IOT83  - Akhil Arora Co-founder/VP Sales

Akhil Arora

Co-founder / VP Sales

Akhil’s financial and business solution experience brings a results-first approach to Operational and Product Management teams seeking competitive advantage through Industrial IoT Asset Performance Management solutions. Akhil quickly identifies client digital discontinuities and then maps out the digital transformation journey that will provide the most significant immediate near-term and long-term value creation.

IOT83  - Arul Nagpal Founding Member/VP Finance and Operations

Arul Nagpal

Founding Member / VP Finance and Operations

Always the voice of our customers, Arul heads IoT83 Operations. Arul aligns each piece of the business – Sales, Marketing, and Product Engineering – with pragmatic and effective execution plans to achieve both near-term, and long-term strategic goals. Arul is a steady and experienced business leader that operates behind the scenes to relentlessly drive for customer satisfaction and delight with IoT83 IIoT solutions.

IOT83  - Nishant Puri Director - Sales

Nishant Puri

Director - Sales

Nishant’s Collaboration and Network security solution experience brings a results-first approach to Operational and Product Management teams seeking competitive advantage through secure Industrial IoT solutions. Nishant aligns the needs of key business stake holders – Sales, Marketing, and Product Engineering – with pragmatic and effective execution plans to achieve both near-term, and long-term strategic goals. He has a talent for identifying client digital discontinuities and for mapping out a digital transformation journey that will provide the most significant near-term and long-term value creation. Prior to this, Nishant was a part of Cisco’s Sales team delivering technology solutions to Cisco America Partners and Speaker in sessions hosted by Cisco APO(America Partner Organisation). He is a Cisco Certified Inter-networking Expert(Security & Collaboration) # 60163

IOT83  - Jayant Puri VP Engineering

Jayant Puri

VP Engineering

Jayant’s amazing work ethic, team first approach, and dynamic and innovative contributions have led directly to the Method83 platform success. He has over a decade of experience in designing and building highly scalable, stable and industry leading products to Tier-1 customers and service providers. Prior to joining IoT83, Jayant led the Cloud Development in Identity Management Solutions for Oracle.

IOT83 - Vinay Jindal Sr. Director Engineering

Vinay Jindal

Sr. Director Engineering

Vinay Jindal has over two decades of experience building both high performance real time systems and highly scaled compute and networking applications for Tier-1 markets. Vinay is expert in Edge Computing, but also in Virtualization, Cloud and Big Data. His understanding of IIoT, Big Data and Analytics, coupled with his experience with the cost / performance driven embedded application space provides IoT83 with a valuable edge in delivering cohesive end-to-end IIoT solutions.

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Our history of success in product innovation, and value creation is rooted in aligning customer needs with technology solutions that just work. We are experts in combining IIoT asset and device connectivity, data transport, cloud computing and analytics with existing business systems to deliver on the promise of Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation value creation.